The CHAOS Custom









Born out of hustling, bustling, blue-collar Philadelphia 3 brothers migrated to Boulder in adulthood and became fully immersed in the entrepreneurial spirit of the city. With the world full of small start-ups and a concern for conscious consumerism, the team passionately labored away at their eco-apparel company, CHAOS Threads. As the CHAOS Threads brand grew, they became dissatisfied in only advertising their brand in the apparel industry. They realized the real change would come through a revolution in promotional branding. 

Combining their market experience with their creative instinct and partnerships with quality vendors, the three brothers strive to give every client they work with what they have been looking for all along... to alleviate waste while maximizing your time and money invested in advertising. 

Whether it be for the people in your company, or  for the clients and customers you have cultivated along the way, The CHAOS Custom is ultimately here to prevent your company from wasting… It’s not that we’re telling you where to throw out your trash, but to keep you from making any in the first place. 

We do that by connecting you with high quality apparel and goods to proudly display your brand on any occasion. 


It's our Custom, It's your Brand

I rated CHAOS a 10 b/c I’ve already referred them to handle other strategic projects for our company as well as share their information with colleagues.
— Comcast Corporation

The Team





Xander enjoys the cracking and snapping as cars drive over gravel on a fall day, the smell of a burning fire place in cold, snowy air, the hollowing ping when a golf club or baseball bat perfectly finds the sweet spot, the feeling that despite how difficult it is to solve life's biggest issues — there are infinite small pleasures that keep him going.


Justin likes to make an artform of overcoming obstacles. He thinks inappropriate things are funny, he loves the colors during sunrise and sunset, sounds of birds calling and the infinite sound of the waves lapping on the shore at the beach, he challenges himself by constantly venturing into the unknown, to keep the depths of his mind fresh and void of stagnancy. His mantra in life is: I am born to live free.


Damien treasures small whimsical pleasures, which brighten his existence: He likes the way an actor or actress in French cinema answer the telephone: “Allô,” the warm soft crackle of an LP, when tone arm and needle rest on dead wax between songs, the intermingling scent of coffee and an old book, the crunching sound of walking on a trail in the woods, and the nostalgic storytelling which manifests inside his thoughts, while gazing deep into the line of demarcation between open sea and sky.