Your Brand. Our Custom.

Your Brand. Our Custom.



  Multi-Sensory Branding Strategies,

 Using        Embodied  Perception

At the CHAOS Custom, we build your brand through high-quality promotional product curation. We make the conscious decision to approach marketing, branding, merchandising and design as a full sensory experience, created for all five senses.

     Forget the industry standard; forget what you thought you knew about best practices. We push branding further, through strategic marketing combined with unparalleled, high quality merchandising, that is anything but typical.


What Makes CHAOS Different?

The CHAOS Custom is a thought leader in corporate-customer relationships. Made up of a dedicated team of designers specializing in sensory design, multidimensional branding developers, and perception marketing experts. We know how to synthesize budget, demographics, trends, quantities and quality, to produce the best promotional items.

Furthermore, we believe that minimizing waste, maximizes the positive impressions of your brand. We use eco-friendly materials that are durable enough to withstand the call of the waste basket, and stay in use for years. We don’t advertise your brand - We activate your brand!



Beyond Logos and Taglines...

To infiltrate the consciousness of image-conscious consumers, brands need tangible representations of what they stand for that people want to touch, feel and interact with. Our multi-dimensional approach goes a step beyond simple logo marketing. By analyzing the significance and meaning of your company’s brand, we make sure that the objects you put your logo on convey all the right messages.




Communication lies at the heart of what we do, and sound lies at the heart of communication. Hearing what your customers think, allows you to to design better marketing stimuli. We listen to how people feel, and nurture social interactions, by creatively reimagining promotional merchandise as sharable content.


At the CHAOS Custom, we are trending experts, and the impressions we create are compelling, as well as artistic, designed to effortlessly align corporate priorities with the customer’s emotional response. We call this emotional marketing.



We are visual beings by nature and culture, but in the contemporary environment, it is hard to be eye-catching in all the multi-colored noise. We refine and optimize your brand’s visual style to cut through the CHAOS of the contemporary world.



Why You Need CHAOS:

 ...To Activate Your Brand


   Our custom gifts survive the CHAOS of modern life. From the aesthetic look and feel of our premium promotional products and branded apparel, to the creativity of our integrated marketing campaigns; We Don't Advertise your brand, we activate your brand! 



"CHAOS elevates your business to your brand!"


why you need CHAOS? 

...To Connect With Your Customers


   We make sure your brand is worthy of your customer. For tradeshows, we provide experimental marketing samples, and our custom product line combines the best luxury business gifts with premium product branding. 


"CHAOS helped our staff create a stronger sense of community!"


 why you need CHAOS?

...To Provide Motivation  and direction for your Staff.


    Brand loyalty starts with your staff, make it even easier for them to love your brand by giving them uniforms that they won't ever want to take off, and they’ll become your best brand ambassadors. Spread the love, and synthesize your brand, employees and customers with our exclusive corporate giveaways & executive gifts.


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Three brothers from Philadelphia, with a talent for intertwining design, aesthetics and clear messaging into leading integrated campaigns, decided to change the world of branding.

Their simple realization was a revolution in promotional marketing...

                                                     COMING SOON !       

                                                     COMING SOON !