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Beyond Logos and Taglines...

To infiltrate the consciousness of image-conscious consumers, brands need tangible representations of what they stand for that people want to touch, feel and interact with. Our multi-dimensional approach goes a step beyond simple logo marketing. By analyzing the significance and meaning of your company’s brand, we make sure that the objects you put your logo on convey all the right messages.


What We Do

Our Sensory and Experiential Marketing connects you to your customers and clients in a new way. By creating promotional products and marketing materials that are perceived through all five senses, we enable you to place your product into people’s lives, where it will continue to submit subconscious cues and produce positive associations of your brand.



Our Products

Our premium promotional products make a bold statement in real life, allowing branded objects to continue to spread their marketing messages long after being given away. We make that custom keychain that you’ve had for a decade, the water bottle you always grab before a jog, a favorite pen that feels just right in your hand. All with your logo on them. We create the kind of brand loyalty that simply can’t be bought.



Our Multi-Sensory Approach