Rooted in Chaos

Three brothers from Philadelphia, with a talent for intertwining design, aesthetics and clear messaging into leading integrated campaigns, decided to change the world of branding.

Their simple realization was a revolution in promotional marketing...

The entrepreneurial environment of Boulder, Colorado nurtured the brothers with its spirit for innovation and sustainability. In a landscape of concerned consumerism and streamlined start-ups looking for eco friendly solutions to merchandizing, employee gifts, and custom product lines that didn’t hurt the planet. They realized that what is better for the environment, is also better for your brand. From a single eco friendly t-shirt, grew a multidimensional eco friendly promotional product range with an emphasis on quality, durability, and sustainability.

The CHAOS CUSTOM was born.

Our Team


xander : Co-Founder

    Xander is the life and soul of The CHAOS Custom, his attention to detail and creativity bring marketing ideas to life.

    Xander knows how important the infinitesimal details are to create an aesthetic big picture for a brand. He understands how many factors, down to every single pixel with your company’s logo on it, can impact customers’ perception of your brand.


Justin : Co-Founder

    Justin makes overcoming obstacles into an art form. He thinks outside the box, and is always ready with a fresh perspective, as well as a joke.

    He is constantly challenging himself by pushing the boundaries, Justin’s mantra in life is - I am born to live free. He is a re-branding expert, who knows how to free your brand from its old connotations, and connect it with new trends to imbue it with new life.


Damien : Co-Founder

    Damien understands the kinds of things people treasure in life, like a favorite engraved pen, or finding the perfect water bottle.

    He intuitively comprehends that, even in a contemporary world that is becoming more digital by the day, there is still a place for the warm soft crackle of an LP, and the smell of coffee and old books. Damien specializes in nostalgic storytelling, which reconciles the romantic with the ultra-modern to create idiosyncratic and engaging branding.

Michele - lead Graphic Designer / Illustrator

Michele Fitzgerald is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design with a B.F.A in Illustration/Communication Arts. She enjoys using intricate, decorative line to boldly define her work; and is inspired by an eclectic mix of subjects such as sci-fi flicks, nature, spirituality and culture. Ms. Fitzgerald is currently pursuing the development of two styles, one focused on stark, linear design and the other on whimsical or "magical" colored illustrations. Michele hopes to gain inspiration by continuing to travel the world and work close to nature, incorporating elements of her experience into her life and future pieces.