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It's Your Brand!

The CHAOS Custom is a creative branding firm specializing in strategic multi-sensory marketing & merchandising techniques. We are dedicated to alleviating waste while maximizing the efficiency of your time and money spent through advertising. It's Your Brand!


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CHAOS Theory

A Multi-Sensory Approach...

The CHAOS Custom conscious approach to marketing, branding, merchandizing and design is delivered through a full sensory experience. Inspired by the power to stimulate and influence how we perceive the world and how we remember experiences.

I. Hearing

 Building the invisible architecture of sound fosters a culture of communication and social interaction. CHAOS simultaneously listens to corporate and customer wants and needs; factors that drive the direction of any brand. 

II. Feeling

We feel, then craft an impression from a collective pulse, establishing connection. CHAOS aligns the priorities of both customer and corporation. All work is from a consumer worthy standpoint.

III. Seeing

Our ability to see and capture the market through your eyes and consumers. The process comes alive!